The Aminco team has been working remotely during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has not, however, prevented us from continuing our efforts to find ways of helping our communities. We have donated to various food bank organizations statewide and have encouraged each other to proactively find opportunities where we can help our fellow citizens cope with the economic challenges they are facing.

We also have played a supportive role to express our deep admiration and appreciation to the medical first responders who have been heroic in their fight for the well-being of those effected by illness. We are deeply grateful for all your work and sacrifice.




On July 14, the Aminco team left our desks for an afternoon of good deeds for members of our community who are economically challenged. Through the well-organized activities of The Food Bank of Westchester, we packaged, labeled, and boxed food supplements which will be delivered to families who are in need and who depend on these foods.

The Food Bank staff gave us statistics which confirmed what we have already suspected: even in Westchester County, which is known to be relatively affluent, the food bank is called upon to provide supplementary food to over 200,000 residents. The activity was an opportunity for us to work together and to appreciate individually the gifts which we have been given. Click here to contribute to this effort. >>>