Coal tar pitch distilled from by-product coal tar, generated by metallurgical coke ovens, has strategic importance for the aluminum industry. The combination of its binding properties with its high carbon content makes pitch an ideal complement to calcined petroleum coke for the production of carbon anode paste.

During the past 20 years, the steel industry has migrated from traditional points of production in North America and Western Europe to new emerging markets. The availability of coal tar has mirrored this shift and has greatly aided in the development of pitch distillation facilities in the Ukraine and China where Aminco has developed local representation and expertise.

Historically, pitch was supplied in solid form. However, the trend to liquid pitch continues to grow. Whether transporting pitch, in solid or liquid form, the shipment of pitch requires special handling, equipment and terminals. This is especially the case for liquid pitch which must be kept heated at all times.

Aminco has the expertise and experience to develop multisource pitch delivery programs to satisfy both Aminco’s customers needs for pitch as well as internal requirements for Aminco’s anode production.